Facility Use Request (FUR) Form

Facility Use Request (FUR) Form


REQUESTER (Responsible Person):


NOTE: If a specific layout for tables and/or chairs is needed, please email to rpolanco@vistaassembly.com

Enter Quantity Needed:


Event Frequency:


Usage Agreement

The REQUESTER must agree to the following responsibilities before approval can be obtained for the event request.

Safety Rules: While using the facilities after normal business hours, there must be only one point of entry unlocked, and it must be manned until the event begins. Once the event begins, the access door must continue to be manned and/or locked. NOTE: If locked, a sign may be posted with a person to contact if someone arrives late. The building must be exited no later than 9 pm IF there is no one that has keys to lock up and set the alarm.

Fire Alarm: Should the fire alarm sound, ensure everyone exits the building to the parking lot past the meridian. Follow the instructions of Vista Assembly Safety Team members, if present. Wait for the fire department to arrive and provide any known information. Notify Marco DeAngelis @7604194025 or Bob Brooks @ 7604194012 once safe to do so.

Intruder or other security issue: Should there be a security concern, call 911 and provide all requested information. The Vista Assembly address is 290 North Melrose. Notify Marco DeAngelis @7604194025 or Bob Brooks @ 7604194012 once safe to do so.

Kitchen use: If your event requires the use of the kitchen, you are welcome to make yourself at home and use whatever is available. If you use something, please clean it and put it back where you got it. You may use the coffee pot. But, we suggest that you do not use it unless you or someone on your team knows how to operate the coffee pot. This too must be emptied, clean and restored ready for the next person to use. The staff person responsible for your event will perform a quality check the following day, and if the kitchen is not properly cleaned and restored, we will ask you to come by and rework the kitchen cleanup.

Changes to your event: If any details to your event change or the event is cancelled, notify the church office as soon as possible.

Cleanup Requirements: The area(s) used must be returned to asfound condition. Please check with your staff sponsor or Maintenance crew if tables/chairs when used are to be put away or left in place.

Requester: I agree to be responsible for the above noted requirements: